5 Reasons To Buy Cuffs N Lashes Products In 2023

Cuffs N Lashes has been in the market for over 3 years now. It is an Indian Beauty Brand

which you must know about. But there are a lot of things that you may not know about Cuffs

N Lashes. Here we have listed the top 5 reasons to buy Cuffs N Lashes Products in 2023.

  1. It is an Indian Brand. Being an Indian can be the only reason to support an Indian

Brand. Though many of you might know it if you know Nidhi Katiyar. Cuffs N

Lashes is not only an Indian Brand but also products made in India. Except for their

Vegan eyelashes all the products are Made In India. Being a small brand and

manufacturing products in India with limited resources is always a challenge but

Cuffs N Lashes sticks to its promises. 

  1. It is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. In the past decade, people are more focused on

using environmentally friendly brands from every aspect. Animal cruelty has been

one such practice in the beauty and cosmetics industry that the mass audience was not

aware of. Lately, people are getting attracted to vegan and cruelty-free brands and that

is why you should buy from Cuffs N Lashes.

  1. Affordable and good quality are the two things that we all want. Though affordability

is very subjective usually people consider lower prices as affordable and Cuffs N

Lashes has got it. The entire range of products is affordable for the majority of the

audience and the quality is world-class. Cuffs N Lashes gives a lot of time and effort

into its product research and development and that helps them to create great quality

products at affordable prices. 

  1. All skin-friendly is one such requirement that every individual has. No matter how

great is the formula if the product irritates the skin it is not worth it. Cuffs N Lashes

takes care of that seamlessly. First of all, the ingredients used in Cuffs N Lashes

products are as per the standards set by Indian Government. None of the chemicals is

unsafe for the skin and the products are all skin friendly. No matter what type of skin

you have Cuffs N Lashes products will never irritate your skin and get applied


  1. Cuffs N Lashes has a lot of base products such as Cover pots, Cover capsules and

Concealer which come it a wide range of shades. Being a small Indian brand, it is a

challenge to maintain all shades. India is a diverse country and we have several

shades of skin colour here. Cuffs N Lashes tries its best to be an inclusive brand for

all skin colours. So far, they have 21 shades in the Cover Pots range where there are 4

colour corrector shades and a white base. In the Cover Capsule range, they have 17

foundation shades and 3 colour adjuster shades. 

If you haven’t tried Cuffs N Lashes products yet then it is time to begin your journey. Enjoy

the wide range of products. Invest in good products, it does not have to be expensive all the

time. You can try this small Indian Beauty Brand today. Shop here

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